1.5t Capacity VL Type Pulley Hand Chain Lever Block/Hoist

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VL lever hoists 5

1. Adopting the deep groove ball bearing of load chain sprocket, pulling is smaller. Equipped with needle bearing for supporting driving shaft it to increase the mechanical advantage.

2. Adopting double pawl brake system and double chain guide roller system, operation is more safe and stable.

3. Double-pawl brake system designed for enhancing strength, forget upper, lower hooks with forged steel safety latches, high tensile alloy steel chain.

4. The top and bottom hook are made of forged high strength alloy, accomplished by heat treatment process. The hooks also have three stretch indicators. However if by any chance the hook is overloaded there is no fear of it breaking, it will simply gradually start straightening out, avoiding any load drop or personal injury. Precision cast steel latch in bottom hook with embedded design can prevent the bottom hook off effectively.

5. 360 rotating handle of ease of use in confined space.

6. Free-wheeling mechanism for quick chain adjustments.

7. Idling mechanism to allow fast adjustment of load chain.

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 Package of VL lever hoists

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