Wholesale VL 1.5 ton lever block chain hoist

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VL Type 0.75 Ton Lever Hoists

 Product Application

   ♣ Specially heat-treated and proof tested steel chain hoists equipped with a safety guard.

   ♣ Got certificate of ISO9001 & CE & GS

   ♣ Automatic double-pawl braking system

   ♣ Drop forged hooks and hook holders to ensure superior quality and safety.

   ♣ Chains are made of special alloy steel that is exclusively

   ♣ More thickness of sheet cover, gear cover and side plates for good quality.

   ♣ The static test is 4 times of capacity, and running test is 1.5 times of capacity one by one.

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Product Overviews

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Packaging & Shipping
Packaging for VL lever hoists

Wooden box, carton box with pallet or customize

Sea or air as per your request

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