Easy maintenance lever hoist 250kg VL lever hoist 3ton

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VL lever hoist is a hand operated lifting and pulling appliance which is portable and versatile. It is exceptionally convenient for working in narrow places, outdoor aloft work and pulling from different angles.

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   1) Capacity from 0.25T to 6T
   2) Automatic double-pawl braking system
   3) Chain guides provide smooth chain operation
   4) Roller bearing supported load sheaves for avoiding abrasion
   5) Chain are made of special alloy steel that is exclusively
   6) Drop forged kooks to ensure superior quality and safety
   7) The lever hoist static test is 4 times of capacity, and running test is 1.5 times of capacity one by one
   8) The lever block is of high efficiency, fast lifting and light hand pull.
   9) Surface finishing: Automotive painting.

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   1. Easy to use 360 degree pulling hoists
   2. Extremely compact and lightweight
   3. Effortless to transport, install and store
   4. Free-Chain adjusting mechanism
   5. Quick and simple maintenance
   6. Low pulling force required for operation
   7. Rubber grip handle for best control
   8. Design allows for fine adjustment of load tension
   9. Reliable heat treated carbon steel body
   10. Strong hook latch with safety tip design
   11. Efficient and smooth load chain guide mechanism
   12. Grade 80, corrosion and wear resistant load chain

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