0.75 Ton Manual Chain Lever Block Lever hoist

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Product description of mini ratchet lever hoist
Size:78 pounds
China RAMHOIST Mini hoists are the most compact ratchet lever hoists in the market, perform just like the larger models except they're small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Plated load chain is standard. Weston-type load brake. Rubber hand grip for better comfort and security. Lightweight design for ease of portability. Use in confined conditions with one-hand operation. Forged upper and lower hooks with latches standard. Impact resistant, all-steel frame, gear case and cover. Hardened link-type alloy steel load chain for strength and long wear. Free wheeling feature serves to quickly attach the load. Metric rated. Capacity: 1100 lbs. 10' Lift. Chain Type. 11-1/8" headroom. 1-Year Warranty. 6-3/8" Lever length. 1 Reeving. 78 lbs Average handle effort. 1 Chain falls. 11-1/8" Minimum distance between hooks. 1-9/16" Lift with one full lever turn.

Product features ratchet lever hoist

  • Plated load chain is standard

  • Weston-type load brake

  • Rubber hand grip for better comfort and security

  • Lightweight design for ease of portability, use in confined conditions with one-hand operation

  • Forged upper and lower hooks with latches standard

This china ratchet lever hoist also complies with ANSI/ASME B30.21 and ANSI/ASME HST-3M standards. When used according to manufacturer’s recommendations, this hoist is covered by a two-year warranty from date of shipment against defects in workmanship or materials.

Hoists are mechanical devices that use relatively small amounts of force to lift, lower, and move heavy loads. Manual hoists work by transferring a force exerted by hand across a series of gears that concentrate it into a force great enough to lift the designated load. The lifting mechanism consists of a pulley with a chain or cord and large wheel, or a ratchet lever attached to a large wheel; a drive shaft; gear set; sprocket wheel threaded with a load chain; and a lifting hook.

The pulley or ratchet turns the drive shaft, which engages the gears; the gears interact to rotate the sprocket wheel and load chain, which pulls the hook up to lift the load. When the force used to turn the large wheel reaches the smaller sprocket wheel, it has become concentrated enough to lift the load. Friction disk brakes called Weston-style brakes are attached to the large wheel. These brakes hold the load in place while the operator's hands are released to make the next pull, secure the load once it has been lifted, and control the descent of load as it is lowered.

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