1 Year Quality Warranty lever chain hoist/lever hoist

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  • Compact manual lever hoist and hook mount with all-steel construction for strength; low headroom for work in small spaces and at any angle

  • Spring-loaded freewheel facilitates rapid adjustment of load chain with one hand, and helps prevent accidental freewheeling when a load is on the chain

  • Mechanical brake with two moisture-resistant brake pads, four braking surfaces, and two brake pawls to help ensure reliability

  • Factory load tested to 125% of rated capacity in accordance with ANSI/ASME requirements

  • Complies with ANSI/ASME B30.21 and ANSI/ASME HST-3M standards

Load capacity is the maximum rated load a lever hoist can handle. While manufacturers may indicate they have tested a lever hoist beyond its limits, operators should never attempt to lift a load heavier than the maximum rated load capacity. Pull force describes the amount of force that needs to be applied to lift a load. If a 1/2 ton manual hoist specifies a pull force of 40 lbs., for example, the operator needs to be able to pull a 40 lb. weight in order to lift the maximum 1/2 ton (500 lb.) load. Headroom is the distance from the bottom of the load hook to the top of the hoist. This is the minimum amount of vertical space needed for the hoist to hang freely and operate correctly. Lift is the maximum vertical distance the load hook can move a load.

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Product Specifications

Load Capacity

3000 pounds




13.2 inches

Inside Width

1.3 inches

Item Weight

23.0 pounds


10.4 inches

Lever Length

10.4 inches

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 Customer's feedback:

 Since it was purchased I have pulled over 10 tree stumps, of which it was purchased  for and it has passed all my expectations completely.

 Easy to operate give it a 5 *, pulling power extreme give it a 5 * and weight is heavy have good arms and back strength give it a 4 *.

 A safety reminder of it`s pulling power, use a good grade 1/2 inch steel chain and my 3/8 inch US Steel chain is almost new broke with a strong single arm pull.

 On good 1/2 inch pulled as hard as I could pull, with both arms and something moves every time on a dug out 20 inch stump.

 Very pleased that this china lever hoist has a good free wheeling product, at a very good price wish I would have bought with 15 or 20 foot chain length and shipping was fast will recommend to anyone in shape give a 5 *!