Offer for Lever hoist, Steel wire grip and Pallet truck

Keyword:Lever hoist   Time:2020-4-7 19:35:30

Quantity CodeDescriptionUS $/unit
24unitsVG008Lever hoist, 0.8MT, 1.5m lift, with overload protection71
24unitsVG01Lever hoist, 1MT, 1.5m lift, with overload protection77
24unitsVG016Lever hoist, 1.6MT, 1.5m lift, with overload protection97
24unitsVG025Lever hoist, 2.5MT, 1.5m lift, with overload protection103
24unitsVG032Lever hoist, 3.2MT, 1.5m lift, with overload protection136
12unitsVG063Lever hoist, 6.3MT, 1.5m lift, with overload protection218
12unitsVG09Lever hoist, 9MT, 6m lift, with overload protection419
24unitsLSB02Ricky aluminum lever hoist, 1.5MT152
24unitsLSB03Ricky aluminum lever hoist, 2MT166
24unitsLSB04Ricky aluminum lever hoist, 3MT205
12unitsLSB06Ricky aluminum lever hoist, 6MT307
12unitsLSB09Ricky aluminum lever hoist, 9MT780
24unitsCCP03Aluminum lever hoist, 3MT240
24unitsWRW16Tirfor winch, 1.6MT90
24pcs.WRG02Steel wire grip, 2MT, smooth jaw, 12-22mm bare aluminum cable13
24pcs.WRG03Steel wire grip, 3MT, smooth jaw, 16-32mm bare aluminum cable22
12pcs.WRGSteel wire grip, 4MT, smooth jaw, 33.3mm bare aluminum cable27
12pcs.WRGSteel wire grip, 6MT, smooth jaw, 37.8mm bare aluminum cable32
1unitHPT03APallet truck, 3MT, 550mm wide, 1100mm length, nylon wheels125
1unitHPT03BPallet truck, 3MT, 685mm wide, 1200mm length, nylon wheels130
1unitHPT05BPallet truck, 5MT, 685mm wide, 1200mm length, nylon wheels320

The price is based on FOB china

Warranty: 1 year