Mobile wheel self propelled auto hydraulic scissor lift table platform elevator

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 Product Use
 The mobile lift tables are widely used in warehouses, airports, railway 
 stations, factories, exhibition halls, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls ,
 stadiums and other places of high altitude for inspection, installation,
 maintenance, decoration, cleaning, etc.
 Can load the work piece up and down, reducing working labor of worker.
 New design to meet the European standards
 All the products are designed perfectly and have high quality, high performance and low price, and the excellent quality guarantee system. The products have passed ISO9001 and CE certification since 2009. The products have been export to five continents, over forty countries and areas. It resulted to the attraction of client abroad and home, the quickly promotion of products sale.

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Detailed Description
 A.Mobile scissor aerial work platform
 Stationary lifting platform with large capacity and safety is very easy to Operate, Can be made according to your actual environment.
 1. Made of wide section manganese steel providing more stability.
 2. Inching control for lifting and lowering, ground / platform control mode could be switched.
 3. Control voltage: DC 24V.
 4. Equipped emergency lowering device, enable safe lowering when power off.
 5. Double contactors and double limit switches are provided.
 6. In chassis is slide-out engine tray, convenient for maintenance.
 7. Forklift pockets are made for transportation.
 B.Self-propelled mobile scissor aerial work platform
 Stationary cargo lift is a special hydraulic lift cargo transported, mainly used in warehouses, garages, workshops, and a variety of work-storey transport layer, put down the goods. Has broad applicability, Carrying capacity, lifting safe and stable. Easy installation and maintenance, is economical and practical ideal cargo transportation equipment.
 Detailed images 

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1.Manufacturing experience: More than 10 years

2. Advantage: Quality control in every detail of product. our spare parts are interchangeable with almost all hydraulic platform brands in China.

3. What we produce: Every spare part, and the assembly of the hydraulic platform.

4. Our commitment to customer: The best quality and most reasonable price, not the lowest price.

5. Special characteristics: our platforms can meet the various specific requirements for engines, masts, optional


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