4m To 16m Mobile Mini Hydraulic Elevator Scissor Lift Table Aerial Work Platform

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 Mobile lift platform use shear fork lift structure. The shear fork lift is by Shanghai baosteel manganese steel rectangle control structure,
 this series of products with a mobile and flexible, steady lifting, easy operation, large capacity, etc, This series of products are more than
 the use of electric hydraulic lifting power, also can be used according to need equipped with manual hydraulic lifting device, dynamic form there is a wide variety single-phase 220 v ac power supply, three-phase 380 v ac power supply, dc 12 v,  24 v, 36 v. 48 v. 60 v.
ac/dc or diesel engine, Mobile way varied also. you can manually move, artificial  auxiliary move, walk, rail electric mobile etc, A variety of ways. The hydraulic system parts and electrical accessories series products adopt both at  home and abroad well-known brands of products product quality is guaranteed, Hydraulic lift platform equipped with anti-skid insulated plastic gusset plate, mesa, and convenient to replace the whole beautiful generous, mainly used in industrial workshop enterprises, stations, docks building, exhibition hall and other places of various aerial work

Mobile scissor lift control has two ways: manual and electric. Manual pump is equipped for the use in case power is cut off. 

Mobile scissor lift has the following characteristics: flexibly-moving platform, smooth elevation and easy operation. 

Mobile scissor lift heights: ranging from 4m,6m,8m,10m,12m,14m,16m,18m.20m.
The elevating power for the platform is single-phase 220v AC power or three-phase 380v AC power.

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Detailed Description
 The countertop, 5mm flat plate is bent, the appearance is beautiful, the 
 height of the skirting board is increased, the tool is not easy to fall, and the safety factor is increased.
 The track is made of nylon slider, which has large contact 
 surface, stable lifting and  small shaking.
 Shaft pin, 45#round steel quenching and tempering treatment, 
 large bearing capacity, welding automatic mechanical welding, 
 firm structure and beautiful appearance.

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 Detailed images 

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 1.Equipped with lifting platform hydraulic overload safety protection system.
 2.Using fine grinding of the hydraulic oil cylinder, imported seals, oil cylinder good sealing performance
 3.Have a power failure emergency descent of manual valves.
 4.With manual hydraulic equipment, can be a power outage or no power place lifting work as usual
 5.And can add adjustable platform, can extend to the desired location on the length of the platform, so as to improve the work efficiency
 6.High working capacity, easily pushed around, most spacious platforms for several people to work on
 7.According to the Using place choice to use solid tyres and pneumatic types.