Small Aerial Mobile Scissor Lift /self-driven aerial working platforms /hydraulic scissor lifts

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 Mobile scissor lift platform auxiliary walking elevator hydraulic lift is mainly used to lift workers to high place for repairs, maintenance, cleaning or installation and so on. You can move it easily to the right working area. The Mobile Scissor Lift can be also equipped with battery. With the battery, you don't need to connect AC power, and you can let the mobile scissor lift at some work areas without power. Also, this type of mobile scissor lift can be installed with the driven wheel to move it by hands without any hardness.

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Detailed Description
 Series Mobile Scissor Lift is widely used for high-altitude equipment installation, maintenance, decoration and so on, Also suitable for multi-layer workshops, warehouses, production lines, transfer of goods of height differences and truck loading and unloading, etc.
 The lifting oil cylinder is equipped with unloading metering valves to ensure the steady falling when lifted to the highest.
 The Electric switch or remote control lift switch (optional) for both people on the ground and platform to operate.
 Equipped with manual oil pump (optional) to ensure operation without power supply.
 Lifting Capacity:  300kg  - 2000kg
 Lifting Height:  4-18m
 Platform Size:  As  Per Customer Requirement
 Available In: Manual Hydraulic Hand Operating System  & Electric (Electric Hydraulic Power Pack) Operating System
 Power supply: local power is available at the working sites(110V,220V,380V), they also can be equipped with manual control or diesel power to meet the need where the electricity is no available. 
 (1) AC Power: We suggest that you can choose this type if the lifting height is 6m and 8m. 
   In operation, the machine needs to be connected to AC power
 (2) DC power: We will add 4 batteries base on AC. You can charge batteries and needn't to be connected to AC power when working. The equipment will move easily with DC power.
 (3) Diesel power: We can add diesel motor on the equipment. The equipment will move easily with diesel power.

 Detailed images of Mobile scissor lift platform

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 (1) Four wheels movable.
 (2) Lift can be used in many different  work places, they don't need external power supply. They are easy to move and to operate. 
 (3)The movable lift can be moved while extended and controlled from platform by the one person.
 (4)Spacious working platforms, high working efficiency.

 Our service

 1. Presale service:
 Free comprehensive and detailed technology consultancy in construction sites, referential programs for construction equipment and the most suitable product program.
 2. In sale service:
 We provide free guidance of installation and debugging and free training of operation, care and maintenance.
 3. After-sale service:
 One year warranty service of whole machine and lifetime maintenance; regularly markets visits and free guidance of whole machine’s maintenance and reparations.
 4. Quick responses:
 We have a complete service network, hotline(86-25-56868001) services for 24hours and assist you to solve the problem in a short time.
 5. Parts supply:
 We have a complete parts supply network and can guarantee sufficient parts reserves and timely supply