Hydraulic mini 3-14 m mobile scissor lift aerial work platform / hydraulic electric scissor lift

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Introduction of Mobile Scissor Hydraulic Platforms

 This type scissor lift own automatic walking function. It can be used in different working condition, and do not need external power supply and artificial traction. It is mobile flexible, convenient operation, lift freely, only one people can finish forward, backward, steering, fast and slow walk. It's easily moved with high working efficiency. This type scissor lift can be moved while extended and controlled from platform by the operator. It is walking, reversing, turning and lifting can be achieved on the platform board, self-movement at the full height. Low noise allows the operation personnel work in a silent environment and the large-angle steering system provides a good maneuverability.

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 Detailed Description

 Hydraulic motor supply power for driving and lifting. It is different drive model with Electrical drive. Mobile Scissor Hydraulic Platforms and Hydraulic self propelled scissor lift are famous for their high precision, great sensitivity, low ware and lower noise.
 1.The Mobile Scissor Lift is mainly used for lifting cargoes and delivering goods, high-altitude operations.
 2.An ideal equipment of safe operation
 3.It is characterized by great loading capacity.
 4.Steady ascending and descending
 5.New system increase safety and protects 4M-18M hydraulic mobile scissor lift
 6.Mobile convenient, easy to work.
 7.Economy and practicability.
 8.It is applicable in the warehouse and garages and port ,building and so on.
 Detailed images of Mobile Scissor Hydraulic Platforms  

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 Notice for operation
 1.Certain special working people after training.
 2.Examination of hydraulic system and electric system before operation.
 3.The cargoes must be settled in the centre of the platform and keep the platform horizontal hold.
 4.Overloading forbidden. Person and cargo lifting together forbidden.
 5.The climbing is forbidden when platform are moving. For safety sake, the lift must be fixed when they are repaired.
 6.Lubrication must be used frequently to keep the machine agility, and the hydraulic oil must be changed every half year.
 7.When the lift is broken down. The electricity supply must be cut off immediately to repair it.

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