Best Quality Mobile Hydraulic Scissor Lifting platform in China

Keyword:Best Quality Mobile Hydraulic Scissor Lifting platform in China   Time:2019-5-28 21:10:10

 Mobile scissor lift is widely used for the equipment installations and maintenance at the following places like construction sites,workshops, warehouse, granary, bus/railway stations, hotels, airports, gas station and aerial pipeline.

This series of lift is scissor lift, has lifting height ranging from 4m to 14m,and loading weight from 240kg to 2000kg, with lifting mode of manually operating, electric, battery, and diesel oil, etc. Explosion-proof electric apparatus can be chosen for special places; remote control device platform can be installed according to the uses' needs, which has advantage including easy moving, large surface and strong carrying capacity, allowing simultaneous operation of several persons ,and safety & reliability, so it is the optimal product for aerial lifting operation.

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Detailed Description
 Mobile electric scissor lift platform moves and lifts all by battery power. Operators can control lifting, moving, turning and all movements on the platform of the scissor lift through control system. 

1.Mobile lift platform has three main control methods: one is ground operation, one is operation box on both ground and the second level, and the third is three control boxes on three levels of platform. All of them have up and down buttons for control.

2.The procedure of lifting: pushing up buttons, the pump station drive the hydraulic system to supply hydraulic oil, then the oil cylinder will lift the platform to working height and stop. Pushing the down button, the hydraulic control valve group works and the platform falls down.

3.The control box on every level: having the buttons of up, down and stop.  And they are all going with working lights, pushing different button to operate. The platform will stop when it reaches the max height or the min  height.

Detailed images 

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 1. Professional design drawing for the confirmation in case of any misunderstanding.
 2. All products will be produced strictly according to CE quality management system.
 3. Every Mobile Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table must be tested before delivery, 100% qualified.
 4. Detailed rust-removing and powder painting  process.
 5. 5 years warranty for main structure and 1 year warranty for electrical parts.

Our Service
 1. We provide 12 months warranty for the machine. Warranty starts from receipt of the machine or parts.
 2. All extra parts for the machine can be purchased with agent price from us.
 3. Email/ Skype/ MSN/ Trade manager online to support.
 4. Life-long Technical Support and After-sale Service free of charge.
 5. Professional technical team and sales person give you regarding troubleshooting procedures via Internet and Phone any time when needed.
 6. Free and Professional Training at our Factory under the relaxed condition.