Factory Price Hydraulic Self Propelled Scissor Lift Platform

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Introduction of Self Propelled Hydraulic Scissor Lift

 Storage battery as the power source makes low noise and no emission when working
 In special circumstance, the scissor lift can equip explosion-proof electric equipment.
 The platform is equipped with  anti-skid plate to prevent slipping
 It offers up to 25% grade ability when driving on slopes with safety protection.
 The lift has hydraulic overload protective organization to ensure that equipment will not lift when the load beyond its rated load capacity.

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Detailed Description
 Proportional control
 Platform gate with automatic lock
 Platform extension deck
 Full stroke travel
 Solid non-marking tires
 4*2 drive
 Automatic brake system
 Emergency lowering system
 Emergency stop button
 Oil pipe explosion proof system
 Fault diagnosis system

 Detailed images of Self Propelled Hydraulic Scissor Lift

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 1.Self propelled scissor lift, with automatic walking function, can be in different work condition, do not need external power supply, do not need artificial traction 

 2.Mobile flexible, convenient operation, lift freely, only one people can finish forward, backward, steering, fast and slow walk, easily moved, spacious working platforms, high working efficiency

 3.Scissor lift can be move while extended and controlled from platform by the operator.

 4.Most models are equipped  with zero inside turning radius capability, can be easily and flexibly operated in crowed working conditions such as construction site, elevator, and narrow corridor. Lift-down, turning, forward and backward movements can be easily operated by one person.


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 1.Experience. 20  years of experience in manufacturing construction machinery, assured good quality.
 2.Services. Professional service team can give powerful support for our products.
 3.Innovation. Technical and management innovation guarantee our quality to be in top position in our industry.
 4.Marketing. Our Hydraulic Scissor Lifts have been exported to more than 30 countries, enjoying a good reputation.
 5.The trays in both sides of the chassis can be swing out, which facilitates the maintenance, inspection and replacement.
 6.The platform can extend on one side(electrical) or extend on both sides(diesel), which can enlarge the working space.
 7.The safe bar helps to support the unit as a duplicate protection  when the machine need some maintenances.


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