3meter Small Proved Self Propelled Full Electric Scissor Lift Ce

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8m 10m 12m Self Propelled Hydraulic Battery Power Electric Scissor ManLift Platform Table  with Low Cost, It moves  and lifts all by battery power. Operator can control lifting, moving, turning and all movement on the platform through the control system

Proportional controls for lift and drive functions.
 Front-wheel drive and zero inside turning radius.      
 Multiple disc brakes provide smooth deceleration.

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Detailed Description of Self Propelled Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Control box on the machine. Emergency button makes lift stop immediately in case of any accident. 
Manual decline button allows lift could be lowed by manual. 

work ladder makes worker easier to get up and down from platform table. 

Anti-explosion value on the hydraulic lift to prevent platform from sudden declining when oil tube broken.  

Maintenance support rod on the scissor type, which will better protect maintenance workers safety.

 -Vertical raising of platform
 -Convenient operation (can be controlled both on the platform and the ground)
 -Horizontal extension of deck(customized)
 -Scissor lifts are available in various electric and battery and diesel powered  models

Detailed images of Self Propelled Hydraulic Scissor Lift

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 1. In special circumstances, the explosion-proof electric equipment can be utilized.
 2. The platform is equipped with anti-skid plate to prevent slipping,
 It is safe enough when workers operate on the platform
 3. The lift has hydraulic overload protective organization to ensure that equipment will not work
 When the load beyond its rated load capacity.
 4. The scissor lift is equipped single control solenoid valves to prevent the platform dropping if power failure.