Self propelled scissor lift skylift battery powered hydraulic auto scissor lift

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 Electric scissor lift is widely used for aerial maintenance and construction work, such as facilities maintenance, supermarket window washing, product line manufacturing. Compact design and sensitive safety device improve work efficiency.
 The scissor lift is used where more workspace and lifting capability is required. With working heights up to 20 meters and capabilities up to 3000kg (2200lbs),  they are designed to provide larger platform work areas and generally to allow heavier loads than boom lift.

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Detailed Description
 Main features:
 1.lifting height:4-12m
 2.Load capacity:300kg--500kg
 3.Hydraulic system increase safety
 4.Battery power
 1.Can travel at slow speed and rapid speed self propelled.
 2.Only one person is needed to lower, raise, forward, backward, steer the machine. It improves working efficiency and reduces man-power and labor intensity greatly
 3.Maneuverable, extremely easy to use
 4.Safe ground clearance for indoor/outdoor Operation
 5.Robust, reliable and easy to maintain
 6.Slope alarm, charger indicator
 7.Pit protection system for max. Safety, Flexible  turning unit
 8.It is especially good for long time work at airport terminals, stations, docks, shopping markets, stadiums and work shops.

Detailed images of scissor lift 

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  • Vertical raising of platform

  • Convenient operation (can be controlled both on the platform and the ground)

  • Horizontal extension of deck(customized)

 Scissor lifts are available in various electric and battery and diesel powered models.
 Electric Powered Models (220v or 380v etc)

  • Indoor Usage

  • No noise and air pollution

Diesel Powered Models

  • Outdoor Usage

  • Longer usage time

 Battery Powered Models

  •  Outdoor Usage

  •  No noise