10M electric scissor lift hydraulic lift self propelled lift

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 Self-propelled scissor lift: Self moving, walking, reversing, turning and lifting can be  achieved on the platform board. Self-movement through the full height can be realized without any les. Convenient and flexible use improves the work efficiency. 
 The platform board is a protrusile checkered plate and the steel tube railing with a strong carrying capacity can be folded without any tool. 

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Detailed Description
 Application: Especially suitable for stations, docks and airports, stadiums, large enterprise etc wider range of aerial working and it is the most ideal aerial working equipment. 
 Lift Platform Controller: Each control button has the instruction mark, the user can easily understand it works and easy to operate. 
 Battery: Electric storage time is long, durable, working time about 6-8 hours with full power. 
 No trace solid tire: The small solid rubber wheels moves slightly, and it has no any damage to the floor. 
 Emergency descend device: If equipment off power, pls pull the manual device, the machine will down slowly. 
 Test before shipment: Each lift will be fully tested before factory, we will assure every part works and safety. 

Detailed images of Self Propelled Hydraulic Scissor Lifts  

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 Our services:
 A Guarantee: 
 1.  5 years warranty for steel structure and 1 year warranty for hydraulic and electrical
 2.  Some spare parts such as oil seal will be provided free of charge for container load quantity(3pcs). Spare parts will be provided at a very reasonable price after the warranty period.
 B Technical support:
 1.  Technical support by phone, email or MSN/Skype 24 HOURS
 2.  Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disk
 3. Engineer available to service machinery overseas.