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Introduction of Stage Lifting Platforms

 Lift stage is the most commonly used product. It's mainly function is used for scenery and actors moved up and down when the scene transitions. In addition, in order to highlight the main actors, stage will rise slowly; dancers can produce the ups and downs on the stage. At the same time, the process of lifting stage movement also can increase the  performance effect.
 Telescopic stage with effective guide  system, to make the expansion stage has a small gap with the fixed platform in the process of translation, smooth operation and infinitely variable speed.  Synchronous device adopts a low-speed torque drive, so that the stage in the  process of the absolutely parallelism, freely and stretched, it can realize  automatically fill. It adapt to the multi-function hall, halls, theaters, cultural and sports venues, hotels and other cultural entertainment.

Detailed Description
  Hydraulic  Scissor Stage Lifting Platform is divided into retractable stage, rotating stage, telescopic lifting stage, lifting revolving stage. Lifting stage  Rotating stage has many functions such as lifting, rotating and tilting. The control adopts self-locking, interlocking, limit switch, mechanical limit, hydraulic explosion-proof and other protective measures.

Product application: Adapt to the halls, theaters, multi-purpose hall, studio, cultural and sports venues, hotels and other cultural and entertainment venues.

 Detailed images of Stage Lifting Platforms

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