Heavy Duty Hydraulic Scissor Lift Revolving Stage Platform

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The use of elevating platforms has grown continuously in recent years because of demand from the live events sector, and our stock has increased to meet these demands.

Scissor-type elevating platforms may be combined with our standard turntables and revolving stages to create an attractive and exciting revolving 1 elevating configuration.

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Stage lift platforms are widely used in each vocal concert and many playground. Stage lift has become one of the most import factors which make the performance exciting and dramatic.

Detailed Description of of Stage Lifting Platforms

 Please provide us the more details as below:
 1. Lifting capacity
 2. Table size(length,width)
 3. Required height
 4.  Other Special requirements
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 1. Hydraulic lifting system 
 2. The remote control and multi-control points at the different floors could be realized. 
 3. Smooth working condition, high load capacity, safe and reliable. 
 4. The overload protection devices are available. 
 5. The hydraulic lift system has the anti-drop function when any failure happens. 
 6. Power Supply is from local power sources. 
 7. It is droved by the electric and hydraulic system.
 8. The lift platform is lifted up and drops down along the track.

Revolving 360 degrees lifting stage adopting effective guidance system, make expansion is in the process of translation and fixed platform between small, smooth operation, speed stepless change.

Detailed images of Stage Lifting Platforms

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