3.6m stainless steel porch home lift elevator for wheelchair users

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Introduction of Porch wheelchair lift  

 Wheel chair lift platform provides convenient access for elder or the handicapped people needed. Characterized by novel design, perfect stability and safety, nice appearance, low noise and so on, Ideal for indoor and outdoor  applications. Custom cab configurations for occupants with special needs and weather proof controls. An affordable alternative to residential elevators or wheelchair lifts with lateral entry/exit. Guiding system adopts H steel in order to assure strength, rigidity and safety. The antiskid platform can be lowered by rolling screw rod or opening  hydraulic valve. Equipped with plugs into a standard outlet for easy installation and operation

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Detailed Description of Porch wheelchair lift  

 1.Electrical Interlock
 Home elevator stop lifting up or down when door is not closed.
 2.Safety Sensor
 Home elevator lift stop running if bottom meet obstacle to protect people 
 under platform.
 3.Manual Down
 In case of the failure of electricity supply, the platform will be  suspended in midair. Then we could manually make the platform come down 
 to ground floor by the Manual Down. Prevent potential danger.
 4.Anti-drop system
 If the chain is broken during rising or descending,anti-drop system will lock immediately within 2s, keeping people's safe.

Detailed images of Porch wheelchair lift  

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  1.Different degree 
      For entry/exit such as 90°/180°/0°, we can manufacturer according to condition.
   2.Stable up/down experience, 
       As it's drive by hydraulic, will guarantee smooth lift. And with aluminum alloy frame will protect passenger when machine up/down.
   3.Wide use.
      It is widely used indoor and outdoor such as hospital, house, bank, market and so on.
   4.Perfect safety design.
      There are several safety device such as emergency stop button,emergency drop valve,protective net,protective cabin .etc to protect  passenger.
   5.Simple operation. 
      There are control panel in platform, the button is very simple. And there are independent calling boxes in each floor. Just put  start/stop button, it will run/stop automatically.
   6.Beautiful appearance. 
      You can add glass to the aluminum alloy frame, it looks perfect elevator not just a lift platform.
   7.Easy installation, 
      we will supply installation video and all drawing to help you. You can do by yourself

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 Packaging  & Shipping

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Safety Device

Safety Sensor

Lift stops running if bottom meet obstacle to protect people under platform.

Electrical Interlock

Only the door is closed the lift can work. If the door open, the lift can not up and down.

Anti-falling system

If the chain is broken during rising or descending, anti-failing system will lock immediately within 2s, keeping people's safe.


Our service
 1. User-friendly English manual for porch lift installation, using and maintenance.
 2. One year warranty for whole lift without man-made fault;
 3. We will send you parts for free if there are any non-human factors problem during warranty time
 4. 24-hours technical support by email, telephone or other communication online.
 5. We could reply you in 2 hours after received your any questions even on weekend and holiday, engineers are available to your country if necessary.