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 Wheelchair lift adopts new  material-aluminium Alloy, which made the lift to be light weight, more durable  and easy installation. It can easily lift the person and wheelchair with the  capacity 250kg or more you need. It is widely used in restaurant, hotel, bank  and other places. It provides users with the opportunity to move freely within  a multi-floored building while taking the wheelchair with them so they can  fully independent between floors.

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 Detailed  Description

1.Control Panel

RAMHOIST actuation stair lift control  panels are both on the bottom of the lift and the platform.
Two remote controllers are more convenient in your using.

2.Safety Pan

The actuation stair lift safety pan can make the lift stops immediately  once it meets obstacle.

3.Auto Ramp

 The auto ramp is on the enter side which is  automatic turn up max 75 Degree, go up together with platform.
 It is customized as the real install  condition, if not available, we will supply fixed ramp which set on the ground.

4.Bottom Fixed Legs

Two actuation stair lift legs fixed on ground directly by  anchor bolts, to make the platform steady.

 Detailed  images 


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 Factory direct sale,  the price is more competitive.
 8 years production  experience in the filed of hydraulic lifting.
 Cover more than 100  type lifting products, have more choice.
 Production by  advanced modern equipment, Quality is guaranteed.
 Test several times  before delivery, safe and reliable.
 Mass stock/ fast  delivery.
 1 year's warranty  and 24 hour service, free worry after sale.


 1. All of the Wheelchair lift will be full tested before delivery. 
 2. Payment: By T/T in advance 
 3. Delivery: within 15 days after receipt of T/T payment 
 4. Min. order: I unit 
 5. Validity: 30 days

Packaging  & Shipping

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Our service
 1. Professional consulting services team
 2. Professional R&D design team
 3. Experienced product testing team
 4. Advanced Technology team on the product line
 5. After-sales Service Provided
 6. Standard export packaging
 7. Fast handling after confirmed order