Wheelchair Porch lift 1M hydraulic home elevator vertical wheelchair disabled lifter

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 Our wheelchair lift consists of a platform with high side walls, an upper landing gate, a platform mounted gate, a drive system and easy-to-use operating controls.
 Wheelchair lift is divided into two types according to material, which Spray type and Stainless Steel type.
 The wheelchair lift platform for house is a residential lift that provides efficient, cost effective access to any part of your home. Made up of a drive mast, passenger platform and doors, it can be installed directly on the floor or in a pit and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. When installed on the outside, it can provide easy entry to a raised deck or porch. Compared with ramps, it's more visually appealing and requires less space. When installed on the inside, it can provide easy floor-to-floor access. Each wheelchair lift that supplied by RAMHOIST is designed to fit your customers' specific needs and layout. 

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Detailed Description
 1.Floor control column
 It is fixed on the ground and upper floor for the user easy operation with "UP" "Down" and E-Stop button
 2.Control Panel
 Apart from "UP" "Down" and E-Stop button on it, there is still with keys, when no use, we can lock the lift
 3.Remote control
 User can control the platform by remote control
 4.Drive tower
 The platform will go up by climbing the drive tower, it contains pump station, hydraulic cylinder etc.
 When the users enter into the platform, they can hold on it for safety when lifting up and down
 6.Automatic ramp
 When the platform off the ground, it will fold up automatically to ensure the users safety 

Detailed images 

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 Packaging & Shipping
 1.Our wooden case is after fumigation treatment. No need timber inspection, saving shipping time.
 2.All the spare parts of the wheelchair lift/porch lifts are covered by some soft materials, mainly using pearl wool.
 Avoiding all damages that could happen in the delivery process. Then we will cover plastic wrap out it tightly, making sure intact of the covered soft materials, also avoiding Waterproof and rust proof.
 3.The outmost is wooden case with fixed formwork.
 4.The bottom of the wooden case has firm iron jack, convenient to Handling and transport.

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Safety service
 Aluminum with tempered glass enclosure can be added per actual need.
 1.Safety Interlock
 Lock the platform when the vertical platform lift encounters an emergency
 2.Safety Sensor
 The operation must be stopped immediately the safety edge meets obstacles during operation
 3.Emergency lowering
 The platform can be lowered by opening hydraulic valve manually or rolling screw rod
 The small ramp will turn up while lifting


 1. Professional design drawing for the confirmation in case of any misunderstanding.
 2. All products will be produced strictly according to CE quality management system.
 3. Every lead rail lift must be tested before delivery, 100% qualified. 
 4. Detailed rust-removing and powder painting process. 
 5. 2 years warranty for main structure and 1 year warranty for electrical parts. 

 Our service

 Normal wheelchair lift/porch lift is properly adjusted before dispatch.
 You will be able to use the machines immediately.
 You will be able to get free training advice towards our machine in our factory. 
 You will also get free suggestion and consulting, technical support and 
 service by email/fax/tel and lifetime technical support.