Come along clamp/aluminum alloy wire grip wholesale for overhead line construction cable conductor

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Features of Wire Rope Grips
 1.Small,easy to use.
 2.Light and handy flexible.
 3.Clip claw sharp, clip power strong
 4.Clamp mouth with latch insurance device, don't jump line.
 5.With delicate smooth clamp mouth, minimal  harm to wires.
 6.Using forging alloy steel
 7.After special heat treatment ,strong resistance to tension. meshing degree is high, not easy slippage deformation.
 8.Material:4140 high strength forged alloy steel
 9.Structure: Heat treatment temperature treatment (Quenching and tempering)
 10.Appearance: zinc plating choice.
 Quick Details of Wire Rope Grips
 Usage: Wire clamp, WIRE GRIP, steel wire grips, Heavy Duty
 Material: Alloy Steel, Alloy Steel for Single Cam wire rope grip
 Stainless Steel, Steel, Forging Alloy Steel, Aluminium
 Structure: T Clamp, Spring Clamp, spring Clamp, cable clamp, G Clamp
 Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
 Rated load(KN): 10 /20
 Applicable wire(GJ): 25-70/70-120
 Weight(KG): 1.3/1.7
 Capacity: 0.5t, 1t1 2t, 3t
 working load: 2000kgs
 Max Open(mm): 11/16
 Condition: New
 Color: Can be ordered
 Product name: Insulated Conductor Wire Grip For Conductor
 rated load: 10KN-40KN, tighten tool
 Application: adjust sag
 application of wire: 25-400 mm2
 Supply Ability: 2000 Piece/Pieces per Month

 Grip Come Along Clamp is adapted to adjust cable and ground wire during cable tower.
 It is the tool of adjusting cable and  tightening ground wire in towering.
 A device made in alloy for gripping,pulling and tensioning of sheathed wire ropes, cables, earth or ground cable, cable stretcher and metal rods according to the wire diameter 25-50mm2, 95-120mm2,150-240mm2

High-strength aluminum-titanium alloy forgoing molding,light weight, for insulation wire tightening or adjust the arc hanging, jaw part with special reticulation, both winter and summer can firmly hold the cable, dose not hurt inner core.

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Product description
 1 Adjustment for overhead power lines sag and tighten wire.
 2 Adopted high quality alloy steel with forging forming, jaw parts by special heat treatment, light weight, small size, easy to carry.
 3 Jaw with a safety device, to prevent the jump line of steel strand. 

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  Austenitic stainless steel:201, 303, 304, 316, 316L, 1.4581, SCS14, SCS16
  Alloy cast steel:4140, 4150, 4340, 8620, GS-25GrMo4
  Hardening stainless steel:17-4PH, 410, 420, 440C
  Cast alloy tool steel:CS-2, CS-7, CrWmn
  Carbon steel:1020, 1025(WCB), 1030, 1040, 1045, 1050



Accuracy class


Surface roughness

Up to Ra1.6~Ra6.3

Minimum thickness

2mm(1mm or small area)


Outer radius≥0.3mm, inner fillet≥0.5mm

Longest blind
     hole(diameter 10mm)



Turning milling, drilling, boring, threading, grinding machine, CNC/NC machining and test facilities

Heat treatment

Anneal, quenching, normalizing, carburizing, solution

surface treatment

Zin coating, black oxide, black painting, power painting, mirror polish, satin polish etc.

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Different Types of cable come along clamp

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