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Description of Drywall Lift (drywall panel hoist)

1. Omnidirectional rotatory arm, easy and labor-saving operation

2. Height of rotatory arm adjustable with 3 gears(1.7-2.1-2.5m)

3. Arm being of elastic adjustable with 3 gears(1.1-2.1.45-1.7m) wide application for lifting space

4. Rotatory arm is made of National Standard square tube, 60*60*3.5mm, high strength, long working life

5. Engine base enlarged, more stable

6. Round column made of National Standard steel tube, 110*3.5mm, more safe

7. Rotatory arm coming along automatic positioning device, preventing the arm swinging

8. Arm coming along rotatory handrail, convenient operation

9. The rated loading 400KG, experimental loading 550KG, more safe

10. Strong soldering, soldering parts without sand hole, more safe

11. Electrostatic spraying for the stand surface, similar to automobile painting, long working life. Exquisite outlook, more attractive

12. Rotatory arm directly put into round column, easy installation and dismantle, moved conveniently

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Detailed Description of Drywall Lift
Other Name: 11 feet drywall panel hoist with handle and hole
Max Loading: 68 KG
Increasing range: 6 feet to 11 feet
Self Net Weight: 37.5 KG
Self Gross Weight: 39.9 KG
Packing Carton: one box with shipping carton or two boxes with regular carton.
Colour: Any colour

  • 6' to 15' lift

  • 68" Tall (without head)

  • 47-12" loading height

  • Heavy duty dual lifting cables for additional cable life

  • 30" outriggers collapse to 8" radius for storage

  • Automatic brake

  • 200 lb capacity

  • Designed to hold up to 4' X 12' sheets of drywall board.

  • The winch design uses a steering wheel for easy adjustment.

  • Three leg design allows the lift to be positioned closer to walls

  • Large 4 inch casters with side lock

  • Tilting, 360 degree rotating head to service cathedral ceilings and give greater flexibility

  • Casters stay in contact with ground, even when outriggers are collapsed, so lift is easy to maneuver at all times

  • Knocks down for easy storage and handling.

  • Comes with 2 replacement cables

Detailed images of drywall panel hoist

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 Application of drywall panel hoist

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