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 Description of drywall lift
 Contractor Grade - Crafted from extra-duty, all-welded steel, this drywall lift can hoist panels up to 4' x 8' in size, with a maximum load of 150 pounds, and is designed to last a lifetime.
 Sturdy - A 5' wide tripod base is supported by anti-slip, non-marring casters that won't damage floors; a 3" triangular frame(in 4' sections) features oversized lock nuts and clevis pins at critical pivot-points, and the base includes a flip-down back stop to secure the lift's position for mounting.
 Eliminate Risk- Eliminate risk of injury due to the  heavy lifting, Prevent strain and injury by letting the lift do all the hard work Large Cradle - Extends to 10' in width, has rubber caps on 3-position auto-locking outriggers to protect your material, and also features panel support hooks; it retracts to just 36" from the floor when tilted for easy loading.
 Lifting Winch - Simple-to-operate, single-stage winch (18" wheel, 4" handle) with an extra-strong, braided-steel lifting cable; it includes a brake and a capped handle to protect hands.
 Easy to Use - Quick, tool-free setup and disassemble for storage.

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Detailed Description


  • 1 Person operation

  • 150 lbs load limit

  • Sturdy welded steel construction

  • 4" or 5" caster wheels for easy rolling

  • Built-in winch with brake

  • Hoist tilting for ceilings and walls

  • Single sheet capacity: 4ft x 16ft

  • Horizontal ceilings min: 4ft

  • Horizontal ceilings max reach: 11ft, angled ceiling Up to 16ft

  • Optional extension bar lift drywall up to 16ft Max (which determined by 11ft maximum lift and 1/2 the length of drywall)

  • Quick and easy assembly

Detailed images of drywall lift

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