China Supplier of Drywall Lifts by wire rope or chain

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RAMHOIST Drywall Lift made in china is our Commercial duty model designed specifically for the rigors of the Rental Industry's multi-stage chain lift mechanism combined with the proprietary two-way overload protection system which make it the safest, longest lasting, most versatile drywall lift available to the rental industry and serious contractor.

The chain drive technologies which are used for years in our Professional Grade drywall lifts that are coupled with a manual winch and input torque limiter. This Model will reach 14 feet 5 inches height and still load at the height of just 37 inches. That means that you will no longer need extensions to reach 95% of the lids. you can also add 18 inch extension to reach almost 16 feet If you need to go higher; making it the highest reaching lift in the industry.

The heavy-duty chains mean that you will never have to replace cable sheaves or cables again. The two-way overload preventing torque limiter keeps you and the Drywall Lift safe and able to work for years to come. Damaged lifts from overloading are the problem of the past. The tripod is also equipped with new 6 inch casters making it much easier to roll over obstacles on the floor. You can still use the lift to do walls or ducts like other units. You can even reduce the loading height to just inches by adding the loader to your lift. Add the Drill Drive Winch System to this Drywall Lift and raise the lift with a cordless or corded drill.

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 •Lifts sheets of drywall up to 15' ceilings

 •Lifting capacity of 150lbs.

 •Cradle can support up to a 4' X 16'sheets

 •Cradle tilts for attaching sheets to sloped ceilings or side walls

 •Can be easily assembled and operated by 1 person

 •Built-in brake to prevent free falls

 •Breaks down to 3 pieces for easy transport

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Our service

Before sale:
Provide drywall lift information, market research forecasting, product customization, product processing, consultation and other services for your convenience.

After sale:
 1. Technical training on according to customer requirements;
 2. We promise replacement under warranty;
 3. We promise to supply the maintenance spare parts;
 4. Regular call back or visit customers;
 5. On time response to mail and phone calls of your complaints or consultation.

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