Sourcing Drywall Lifts from China

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 We are a professional drywall lift manufacturer in china. Our engineers have more than15 years of experience  for design and manufacturing of 11 and 16 ft Drywall and Panel Lift. We strive to offer high-quality products at competitive prices.
 Complies with ANSI, CE, TUV/GS, AS/NZ Standard
 This item can be used by a SINGLE PERSON!   You will never understand how you could work without it before. The work  of 2-3 people becomes possible for only one!
 This drywall lift is very quickly assembled (about 30 seconds) by only one  person, without any tool. It can support up to 68Kg and can raise any  panels up to 11.5 Feets heigth(3.5 meters).
 Moreover, the panels can be installed flat or inclined. Also, the arms can be  adjusted to the large of your panels. The maximum large of the arms is 2.9m  (about 9.5 feet), but your panels can be much more large!
 Do not hesitate, make your life much more easy!

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Detailed Description

Technical Description of Item:
 *Raw Material: Steel
 *Working height from 1400 to 3500mm (4.5 - 11.5 feet)
 *ARms width up to 2900mm (9.5 feet)
 *3 directional Wheels
 *Automatic brake
 *Crack mechanism
 *Max weight admitted: 68kg
 *Weight: +- 40kg
 *Dimensions in use: 140*140*140CM

 Detailed images 

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 * Competitive Pricing 
 * High Quality
 * Rapid Delivery
 * Excellent After Sales Service
 * Professional exporter