Heavy-duty industrial design structural steel four high quality alloy load cells floor scale

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RAMHOIST floor scales made in china are perfect for accurate weighing solution that combines a basic scale platform and indicator. Ideal for loading docks and general-manufacturing facilities, the scale platform features a nonslip tread-plate surface that provides safe footing. The indicator handles a variety of weighing operations, including simple weighing, tare weighing, counting, and accumulation. It can provide accurate, reliable weighing.

Main components

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2.Print the weighing meter

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3.Weighing instrument

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4.Weighing sensor

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5.Junction box

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 Main Features of floor scales
 1. powder coated platform without welding slag
 2. With four alloy steel load cells
 3. indicator's plug and voltage can be selected
 4. The junction box can be checked at any time
 5. With 5 meters cable
 6. Available accessories is optional, including large screen, ramps, other brands of load cells and indicator.


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Painting/Powder coated

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Packing and Loading

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