Competitive Hydraulic bottle jack China Supplier

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  • Maximum Lift Height - 12.25".

  • Compact structure for easy storage when not in use.

  • Easy operation.

  • Jacks are aprox. 6.5" tall at there shortest position.

  • At the tallest position, the jack is aprox. 12.5" tall.

  • In line pump.

  • Quick release system.

  • Universal vehicle uses.

  • Quality steel construction.

  • Powerful jack makes big loads easy to lift.









  • Hydraulic system is protected from internal damage by a patented by-pass mechanism

  • Machined and polished cylinders with die-cut threads provide non-abrasive  leak-free, durable performance

  • Fabricated  from hard-cast steel with heat-treated critical stress areas

  • Serrated heat-treated saddle provides generous lifting area and secure grip

  • Heat-treated extension screw allows low pick-up height adjustment and maximum lift height

  • China Patented built-in by-pass device protects hydraulic system from overpumping damage

  • Unique cross-type forged release valve assures positive control

  • A  wide, rugged base provides stability and strength

  • Critical stress points are reinforced in all models for added durability and dependability

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 The RAMHOIST Hydraulic Bottle Jack is ideal for auto, truck service, farm and shop use. With the heat-treated critical stress areas, it is strong enough to hold up to strenuous conditions. In addition, the carrying handle makes it easy to carry the RAMHOIST bottle jack around wherever you need it. This product has an 8,000-lb capacity, which is enough to lift any passenger vehicle, plus many industrial machines. This China 12-tone bottle jack has an extension screw for setting it to the height to the level that you need. This equipment meets ANSI/PALD requirements for safety and quality. The jack can extend from 6"  to 10.625" in height, making it useful for changing out tires. The loading saddle on this cheap bottle jack is made from strong steel, and it's shaped to keep your target from sliding out. The included rod allows you to both raise the jack and to lower it as needed.

RAMHOIST Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack, 4-Ton Capacity:

  • Steel lifting saddle is engineered to hold a load securely

  • Extension screw adjusts to accommodate desired work height

  • Built-in bypass system to protect against ram over-travel

  • Hydraulic bottle jack, 4-ton capacity, features heat-treated critical stress areas

  • Designed to meet the latest ANSI/PALD standards

  • This small bottle jack is coated to protect the exterior against rust and other problems

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