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In Line Bottle Jack for Easy Jack Position 
 RAMHOIST 10200 Bottle Jack is a 20 Ton In-Line bottle jack. Its in-line pump designed makes the jack positioning under load with the ease. The easy accessible pumping system eliminates off-center pumping force. 
 Its machined and polished cylinders with die cut threads provide non-abrasive leak free, durable performance. At the same time, Omega 10200 bottle jack also  features the built-in bypass device to protect hydraulic system from over pumping damage. 
 This china Bottle Jack also features the heat treated extension screw that allows low pick up height adjustment and maximum lift height. 
 It also features the unique cross type forced release valve that assures positive load control. In addition, the wide, rugged base provides the extra stability and strength. 

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  Omega 10200 Black Hydraulic In-Line Bottle Jack, 20 Ton Capacity:

  • Built-in bypass device

  • Heat-treated extension screw

  • In-line pump design with wide and rugged base

  • Unique cross type forged release valve

  • Fast Efficient Air Pump Reduces Lifting Time

  • Hardened Alloy-Palated Ram For Maximum Durability

  • Air Valve With Integrated Filter, Seales Hydraulic Unit

  • Heavy-Duty  Air Motor Provides Maximum Power

This can be used with an air compressor, portable air tank, & even manually like a standard bottle jack.

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  •     Capacity: 20 Ton (40000 LBS)

  •     Lifting Range: 26-51CM  (10-1/4"~201/16")

  •     Min. Height: 26CM  (10-1/4")

  •     Max. Height: 51CM (20  1/16")

  •     Adjustable Height: 8.2CM (3-1/4")

  •     Min. Air Input: 0.7Mpa

  •     Max. Air input: 1.0Mpa 

  •     Pneumatic Pressure: 120-200 PSI

  •     Design For Heavy Commercial Use

  •     Fast Efficient Air Pump  Reduces Lifting Time

  •     Hardened Alloy-Palated Ram For Maximum Durability

  •     Air Valve With Integrated Filter, Seales Hydraulic Unit

  •     Heavy-Duty Air Motor Provides Maximum Power

  • TECH ADVISE FROM ONE OF MY BUYER "pump the jack up manually and then remove plug where the hydraulic oil goes to bleed any air out "

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Your hydraulic bottle jack is designed for residential and commercial use. It is industrial welded and engineered using a drop forged alloyed steel construction that is ideal for quality and durability. The steel construction will keep your bottle jack leak-free and give it an overall stronger build. The fully welded structure is designed for hard-hitting commercial use, making large loads easy to lift.

Hydraulic bottle jacks designed for residential and commercial use. The wide and sturdy base increases stability and strength. The structure design of forging alloy steel is adopted to ensure the quality and durability, and the internal/external welding structure provides leak-free performance. The operating temperature is between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and the hydraulic system uses high quality oil to provide corrosion resistance. Comply with ASME safety standards and includes a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty