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This 10lb, RAMHOIST hydraulic bottle jack is a well-constructed option that has a built-in bypass system to prevent ram over-travel. Its users like that it is very reliable, but also note that the handle is quite short.

It's about 10 inches tall, has an adjustable extension screw, is steel lifting saddle engineered, heat treated, manufactured in China, and it is designed to meet ANSI/PALD standards. This bottle jack is a formidable option if you are looking for a durable, long-lasting hydraulic jack for personal use. 

 The general consensus for the RAMHOIST Hydraulic Bottle Jack is that it is a very sturdy and reliable product. Most consumers are very happy with its operation.
 Although a minority of users had difficulty with the short handle, this still did not negatively affect their opinion about it. One customer complained that the lift on it wasn't as high as they needed it to be but they explained that this was expected given the type of jack it is. Most customers state that they are very pleased with the price.

The reliable, 22lb 3-Ton bottle jack by RAMHOIST is a decent option that's patented design combines the jack and jack stand in one unit. Its users are pleased that it is sturdy and long-lasting, but some users complain that it leaks hydraulic fluid.

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 It is around a foot tall, has safety bars for locking the unit at the necessary  height, and has a wide base to keep the load stable. This all-in-one jack is a reasonable option if you are looking for a safe, inexpensive hydraulic bottle jack.

Reviews for the china All-In-One Jack are relatively positive, although a large number of users reported hydraulic fluid leakage. One user stated that when raising it they noticed fluid spurting from the piston, while others simply saw large puddles on their garage floor.

 However, the majority of users state that they feel safe underneath a really heavy vehicle that is being lifted by this product. Some customers have reported that they had difficulty lowering the jack, and one claimed that it scratched the paint on their vehicle while attempting to lower it. Another customer said that  they experienced the jack locking up while trying to lower it.

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