Stainless Steel Electronic Digital Platform Weighing Bench Scale With OMIL

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The detailed descriptions of RAMHOIST Bench scales(Platform Scales)

Aluminum Platform

BSE Aluminum Platform Scale made with rugged aluminum cast platform. SUS304 stainless steel cover. Heavy duty design up to 500Kg. Aluminum pole holder. Overloading protecting.

IP65 Load Cell

Standard M15/M17 load cells

Aluminum alloy material , IP65

K7a Indicator

Big backlit FSTN LCD display. The weight can be read clearly even in the sun. With rechargeable 6V4Ah battery. 100-240v power source directly. kg/lb, g/oz units exchange. Real-time clock. Checkweigh with three LED lights. Animal weighing function, accumulating, hold x10 accuracy, counting, zero, tare, printing, etc. Default with 2 RS232 interface. Option of Bluetooth output. Option of WiFi output. Option of Relay output.


Optional adjustable pole supporter Optional rectangular pole.

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Technical features of RAMHOIST Bench Scales(Platform Scales) made in china

High level of integration, simple and reliable circuit

Adopts the world advanced delta modulation monolithic integrated AD conversion, technology, and currently used by most of the weighing apparatus factory compared to traditional double integral circuit with high accuracy, fast sampling speed, high integration. The circuit is sample and maintenance is convenient wait for& a special advantage, especially superior long-term reliability and compatibility of the circuit, ensure the quality of the stability of the mass production.

Low power design

Follow the development trend of electronic technology, product design from the sensor power supply circuit, main circuit design to devices selection, shall conform to the requirements of the low power consumption, the index weighing apparatus products of its kind in the absolute leading position an home and abroad.

Timely tracking the latest technology, to provide cost-effective weighing apparayus circuit scheme.

Our company every year nearly 1 million pieces of CPU, ADC main components such as orders, help companies with international top components such as TI, ADI, CIRRU manufacturer established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation, the company technicians can get the latest technical information in the first, and applied in new product development in time.

The inside structure of indicators

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High precision sensor with waterproof design, real-time data collection and transmission, waterproof rubber cover protection.

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Other details of Bench Scales

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