Chinese brand 2 ton load wheels hand pallet truck

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High lifting hand pallet truck for light load handling

HHM100 / HHL100 / HHL100 PH

The BT Lifter H-series range are used for moving goods easy with maximum efficiency when loading / unloading as well as horizontal transport operations. The high lifting hand pallet trucks can be elevated to a higher and more ergonomic working height and be used as worktables. The manual lifting HHM100 model has a quicklift for easier and quicker lifting which increases productivity and comfort.

The HHL100PH electric lift model has automatic height adjustment and photocell technology to ensure the top of the load remains at the same height, for safe and ergonomic operation.

Load capacity up to 1 ton

Lift heights up to 800 mm

Choice of chassis or fork widths

Long lifetime

Ergonomic work station

Manual or electric lift

High reliability and long service lift of 5 years.

 • Double lifting speed when loads under 600kg,which turns back to regular speed when above it.

 • Impact free lifting ensures safety of cargo loading.

 • The Lifting system is equipped with overloading protection valve to ensure the safe operation.

 • The utilized structural design guarantees the convenience of assembling and disassembling.

 • Light-weight fork frame, made from high rigidity steel plate.

 • Compact appearance, innovative separated Rock Arm, ensure the whole truck evenly pressed.

 • There is a finger hole in the connection of handle and pump, easy to assemble.

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Integrated pump without welding, no any leaking problems.

● Frame force is more reasonable, and the strength is more reliable.

● Handle seat has hole it is more convenient for installation of control chain.

● Forks lowering speed is controllable, with overload valve to avoid overloading.

Remark: Special size for width and length can be made according to customer's requirement.

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1)  Steering wheel 200mm (fork wheel 80mm) are available.

2)  Nylon wheel, polyurethane wheel, rubber wheel, single fork roller or tandem fork rollers.

3)  Fork length: 800mm,900mm,1000mm,1100mm.

4)  Foot pedal release.

5)  Pump color: black paiting.

6)  Quick lift (double speed lifting)