Warehouse 2.5 ton hand pallet truck with low price

Keyword:Hand Pallet Trucks   Time:2019-10-15 21:28:27

Product description

The HPT hand pallet truck is our most popular euro pallet truck and here we offer it as a deal, supplied with a pallet truck chock.

This gives an ideal solution for securing empty pallet trucks in the back of a delivery wagon, or to stop trucks from rolling off a loading bay.

The truck offers the following features:

2500kg capacity

540x1150mm forks – the ideal size for euro pallet

Fork width of 160mm, with the gap between forks 220mm

This is supplied with PU load rollers and steer wheels as standard

Colours can vary – if this is important, please contact us first

The chock offers the following features:

A hard rigid moulded plastic construction, with rubber feet. This a very durable product with an extensive product life cycle even when in regular use.

A chock keeps the rear wheels fixed in one place, so when in a vehicle or loading  bay – it does not roll away

Reliable oil leak-proof hydraulic system

Easy to manoeuvre with 210 degrees turning radius

Grease fittings at all pivotal points ensuring long life and easy maintenance

Special lowering valve to control the rate of descent and over load by-pass valve to make the trucks durable

This hand pallet truck is supplied with PU load rollers and steer wheels as standard

Pallet trucks are versatile material handling solutions found in warehouses, distribution centers, retail facilities and a range of other environments.

For applications in which a standard pallet truck won’t do, various specialty products offer expanded working capabilities that drive productivity and increase safety.