10ton long stroke Single acting Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinders jack china supplier

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Product Description

 1.Suitable for use in places with narrow spatial locations

 2.Light and flexible, with great strength

 3.Thin nutlocking hydraulic cylinder

 4.RSM series thin jack

 5.Strong corrosion resistance

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 Dust-proof ring reduces pollution and prolongs service life of hydraulic jack

 Internal safety valve prevents accidental overload and chrome plated surface prolongs piston service life

 The surface of the product is beautiful and smooth, and the environmental protection spraying paint can improve the corrosion resistance.


 RCS series thin jacks are smaller in size and can produce greater working capacity.

 They are especially used in narrow space and have many functions such as lightness, flexibility and high jacking force

 This product is widely used in power,chemical industry, steel, bridge, machinery and other enterprises and exerts its infinite power.

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 1.How long is your machine warranty?
 Warranty of our Hydraulic cylinder jack is one year, but artificial damage and incorrect use is not included.

 2.What is your delivery time ?
 It depends on your order. Normally 3- 7days for samples, 30-45days for standard, 30-60 days for customized

 3.How do you guarantee your quality ?
 Firstly, we do quality test during every process. We produce most components by ourselves, it is started from cutting raw material, machining roughly in the first step. casting, forging, punching, heat treatment, finish machining, painting, assembling and finally packing, we will spot check for each steps.
 Secondly, we will collect all comments on our jacks from customers in time. And try our best to improving quality all the time.