Single-acting General Purpose Cylinders hydraulic jack 10T-1000T

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Product Introduction
High pressure electric hydraulic jack is powered by ZB series of high pressure electric oil  pump, the function for oil pressure rebound, overflow, it is designed a safe protect pressurizer, it can protect emergent over pressure, especial construction can protect jack. Hydraulic jack can bearpartial loading is 5% of rated pressure. High pressure alloy cylinder is very durable, especially in the  larger project, it is easily to be operated and control. It can be used for lifting heavy machine, bridge project, hydraulic engineering, harbour construction and other equipment. It has large output, light weight, remote control and other advantages, it can match with our high pressure oil pump, it can reach jack, push, pull and extrusion and kinds of working.

 1.Double-acting for push and pull
 2.Safety valve in retract side of cylinder, helps to prevent
 3.Damage in case of accidental  over-pressurization
 4.Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life
 5.Higher capacities: 1500 and 2000 ton models available on request

Manual pump with jack steps:
(1) open the fast joint cover, and hydraulic pump oil pipe joint, the fast joint in the middle firmly,
 And tighten the thread;
 (2) tighten the oil return switch clockwise, pull the handle up and down, and start the oil intake work;
 (3) after the completion of the work, the oil return switch anticlockwise, jack reset.

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