10T 20T 30T 50T 100T 150T Hydraulic Cylinder Jack made in china

Keyword:hydraulic cylinder jack   Time:2019-10-15 22:39:00

Product Introduction
The hollow piston allows for a rod or cable to be inserted through the entire body length, while the double acting design improves speed of operation when longer stroke cylinders are required. They can be used in tensioning, load testing, bush extracting, and maintenance applications. All cylinders in this range have base mounting holes.


 1.High wear resistance, high strength, Multi-layer seals with longer service life.

 2.Honing the oil cylinder to reduce the wear of the sealing ring. lmprove the service life.

 3.Selected synthetic steel. safe and reliable. The force is stable and the service life is long.

 4.Anti freezing and high temperature resistant hydraulic oil, more widely used in the area.

Directions For Use Treasure
1.Tighten the oil return valve clockwise to start separating the top
     Work the most important step left after use
     After the return of the oil valve screw loose and then put up.

 2.Remove the lid from the joint, the use of separate tops is required link interface operations.

 3.Link the oil pump to the expander and cylinder parts and shake the handle up and down, the separation top starts working.

 4.After separating the top to work normally, the expander expands and the cylinder parts rise, and then according to various, you need to put other parts on and start working.