China best price dump truck hydraulic cylinder jack

Keyword:hydraulic cylinder jack   Time:2019-10-15 22:47:29

Product Introduction

 Thin type hydraulic cylinder

  1. Lightweight, low profile design for use in confined space

  2. Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance

  3. Easy to carry there are two holes on the surface of the oil vat for stability

  4. All the raw material specially processed by important CNC lathes

  5. Imported seals make the cylinder work continuously and not easy to wear and tear

  6. Safety valve built in electric pump to prevent accidental external pressure

  7. Ultra-thin multi-layer series, different journeys for different choices

  8. Detailed data of hollow split jack can be provided by customer service in connection with other links in the shop.

Matters Needing Attention

1. The lifting height of separate jack shall not exceed the limit marking line. If there is no marking line, it shall not exceed three-quarters of the height of screw fastener or piston. The wear of screw thread or rack up to 20% is strictly prohibited.

2. When in use, the place should be flat and firm. If it is on rough or soft ground, the cushion board with certain strength should be laid.

3. Separate jacks should be kept clean and placed in dry and dust-free places. Before use, jacks should be cleaned and piston lifting and lifting as well as flexibility and reliability of each component and cleanliness of injected oil should be checked.

4. Pipes shall not be socked on the rocker of the jack or lengthened by any other means.

5. It should be vertical to the jack-up and have a good contact surface.

6. Separate jack lifting objects should not be placed in water pipes for a long time.


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