CE and ISO9001 360 degree swivel bottle 10/20 ton manual hydraulic toe jack

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Product Introduction of Hydraulic toe jack

For lifting heavy equipment with minunum available access.

Separate hydraulic pump enhances safety.

Low height lifting toe

Pretecion guided to reduce friction and isolate cylinder from side-loads

Two extendible support feet provide extra stability

Details of Hydraulic toe jack

1.Built-in imported sealing ring, no oil leakage

2.Add the hydraulic oll after pulling out the piston, When filling the oil, place the claw jack in the normal upright state, and fill the oil hole to overflow.

3.The rocker can rotate freely at 270 degrees, making it easy to change the angle. The narrow space can also be used.

4.When using, use the end of the rocker with the groove to tighten the bolt first, then move the rocker up and down, and the jack can be raised. When descending, loosen the bolts.

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Features of Hydraulic toe jack:

 ·Complies with ANSI/ASME B30.1, CE/GS standards.

 ·Designed for lifting loads with very low minimum clearance (foot) or high clearance (head).

 ·Can be used in confined spaces.

 ·Built in safety valve for overload protection.

 ·Features spring assisted return and over travel protection on 5 and 10 ton models.

 ·Forged base and cylinder to assure strength.