30t Hydraulic Claw Jack Toe Hydraulic Jack

Keyword:Hydraulic toe jack   Time:2019-10-16 15:06:26

Product Description

It has a simple structure, easy to use, firm durable, superior quality and stable,

Safe and reliable, from the top dual-use, easy to operate low situation;

It is a versatile lifting tool, widely used in machinery and equipment, bridge construction, railway tracks, etc

Installation and maintenance, transportation of heavy loading and unloading, car, tractor repair and so on.

This series of jacks designed for the operating handle 180° rotation,

Can exchange using at different angles according to different places, which is more convenient to operate.

Main Features

1. The claw jack is suitable for lifting loads of a type

2. Capacity from 2.5T to 50T

3. Quick braking, safe and reliable

4. Small turning force

5. Quick lift, high working efficiency

6. Smooth transmissions, no jerks

7. Sturdy structure, light weight

8. Most used in various fields such as machinery construction, automotiveindustry, etc 

Details of claw jack

Bold spring device, precise structure, long service life

The original imported hydraulic valve core is used for faster lifting

Built-in unique double wear ring, need to add No.10 hydraulic oil, no wear

The primary whole alloy steel is dug out integrally and formed integrally without fracture

Package of claw jack

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