Industrial Hydraulic Jack Toe Jack (hand-actuated) for Industry

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Product Specifications of Hydraulic toe jack

The jack sets is a professional rescue apparatus in dealing with the emergency and rescue accidents. Powered by hydraulic hand pump, extends the piston stick to hold weight in a certain distance under the hydraulic pressure. There are four pieces of jacks in one set which is used to hold the heavy things to protect the victims.

It has a simple structure, easy to use, firm durable, superior quality and stable, safe and reliable, from the top dual-use, easy to operate low situation;

It is a versatile lifting tool, widely used in machinery and equipment, bridge construction, railway tracks, etc installation and maintenance, transportation of heavy loading and unloading, car, tractor repair and so on.

This series of products designed for the operating handle 180 ° rotation, can exchange using at different angles according to different places, which is more convenient to operate.

This series of products can use together with my company's handling of small tanks, XY series handling tools, WQ series turned carrying small tank, CPSA360 °rotation handling combinations small tanks, so that your operation can be more simple, convenient and flexible.

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Details of Hydraulic toe jack

1.Direct excavation in raw eco-alloy steel materials

2.The bottom paw is specially treated and has a higher hardness than the other

3.Germany imported seals

4.All jack assembly is carried out by a specialist

Application of Hydraulic toe jack

Factory, workshop, warehouse, station, wharf and goods transportation and stacking. And it is also widely used in various industries, such as lifting heavy goods, mechanical equipment, bridge construction, railway track, mechanical adjustment, shipbuilding, civil engineering etc.

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