2019 mechanical hydraulic low lifting toe jack

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Product Description

1. Heavy-duty, industrial quality, dual purpose jack.

2. Designed for lifting loads with very low minimum clearances (foot) or high clearances(head).

3. Ideal for house moving, machinery installation and application at shipyard, bridge building or plant construction sites.

4. Safety value for overload protection.

5. All models work both in vertical and horizontal position.

6. Ram is made of heart treated special steel to resist rust and assure strength.

7. Not affected by temperature extremes.

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Advantages of Hydraulic toe jack

1. Robust construction with a single block steel body and wearing parts such as the column, the toe and the base plate are of high resistance special steel.

2. Ergonomic and removable handle for transport (25 t model is fitted with rollers).

3. Working Load applied on toe and head.

4. Pressure valve to avoid overloading.

5. A release button controls lowering operations.

6. Toe can swivel 360° around the axis of the jack.

7. Operation in both vertical and horizontal position (vertical position only for 25t unit).

8. Minimum clearance only between floor and toe.

9. Easy maintenance of the hydraulic circuit.

10. Removable operating lever.

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Application of Hydraulic toe jack

Machine, cargo and heavy load lifting, rigging, lift truck service, relocating industrial machinery, moving shipyard equipment, moving items during bridge and plant construction, emergency rescue lift after earthquake or building collapse.

Package of Hydraulic toe jack

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