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 Claw jack is a small light weight lifting equipment with rigid top piece as a working device, through the top or bottom bracket claws in a small stroke jacking goods. This jack can instead common jack use when not fit in the general height of the top heavy, and the rocker can be rotated 270 ° to reach the limit height that will automatically return oil.
 Scope of application
 Claw jack is widely used in automobile manufacturing, foundry machinery, transportation equipment and etc, to carry out lifting, supporting of mechanical products.

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  1. The oil cylinder is equipped with wear-resistant ring, which will not wear out the oil cylinder.

  2. Coarsening Spring Device, Precision Structure, Long Life

  3. High quality piston rod, imported German piston seal system, piston and cylinder do not friction, so that the jack life up to 10 years

  4. Overload limiting valve is located at the screw, which is safer to operate.

  5. Double Combination of Jack Oil Road Floor and Load-bearing Floor

  6. The L-shaped thick part of the claw is made by forging.

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   1. Heavy-duty, industrial quality, dual purpose  jack. 
   2. Designed for lifting loads with very low minimum clearances (foot) or high clearances (head).
   3. Ideal for house moving, machinery installation and application at shipyard, bridge building or plant construction sites.
   4. Safety value for overload protection. 
   5. Ram is made of heart treated special steel to resist rust and assure strength. 
   6. Not affected by temperature extremes.


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