Portable hydraulic claw jack high quality and favorable price

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Product Introduction
Claw jack is a light and small lifting device that uses a rigid jacking piece as a working device and lifts heavy objects in a small stroke through a top supporting seat or a bottom supporting claw. This jack is used when the general jack cannot match the height of the top weight. The rocker can rotate 270 degrees and return oil automatically when reaching the height limit. When in use, please use the pipe handle to tighten the hydraulic valve bolt first, and then move the manual pump up and down. The jack can be raised. If it is to be lowered, please slowly loosen the hydraulic valve bolt to lower it. The jack cannot be lowered automatically without gravity. The top load is twice the weight of the claw. If the height permits, try to use the upper position.

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 1. Tighten the oil return valve clockwise and shake the rocker up and down to raise the jack.
 2. Turn the oil return valve counterclockwise to lower the jack.
 3. The load-bearing capacity of the claw part is 1/2 of that of the top part.
 4. The highest elevation is 375 mm.
 5. The use of high-elasticity thickening spring has good elasticity.
 6. Use a rotatable control head for easy angle change.


  1. The claw part of the claw jack is integrally formed, which is firm and durable

  2. The movable handle of the claw jack is easy to carry. 

  3. The inner wall and main shaft of claw jack hydraulic cylinder are wear resistant, corrosion resistant and highly sealed to increase its service life. 

  4. The active spring of claw jack can retract quickly and automatically. 

  5. Claw jack has high quality, good quality, safe and convenient use.

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