Available Professional Industrial Machinery hydraulic toe jack

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Product Description

  1. 10T load limiting device, high quality components, adhere to high configuration

  2. High-strength spring with high elastic force and long life

  3. Built-in wear ring, large nut fixed, with rocker jack

  4. High-quality plating piston rod, the piston rod does not rub against the cylinder tube, increasing the service life of the jack

  5. The bottom of the oil road is combined with the load-bearing bottom plate, the bearing bottom plate is not punched, and the load-bearing core is assured.

  6. The word screw is an overload limit valve for safer operation

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 1. Both the claw and the top can be lifted, and the lifting weight of the top is twice that of the claw.
 2. It has automatic oil return function.
 3. The top claw is integrally formed and is firm and durable.
 4. The claw is equipped with a return spring, which can automatically and quickly retract.
 5. The main shaft  is treated with alloy steel hard chromium, which is durable and does not rust.

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  1. Before using the claw jack, it should be placed on a flat ground to ensure that the claw jack is placed flat.

  2. It should not be overloaded and should be used strictly in accordance with the standard specifications of the jack. At the same time, it should check the lower hydraulic system. Before using the claw jack, it should run several times without load to see if there are any pressure relief traces.

     3. The claw jack should not carry heavy objects for a long time without care. In the process of lowering, it should slowly lower the heavy objects.