100T 200mm Double circuit hydraulic jack scissor jack hydraulic toe jack Products

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Product Introduction of Hydraulic toe jack
 The control head can be rotated for convenient angle change.
 Tighten the oil return valve clockwise and shake the rocker up and down to raise the jack.
 Turn the oil return valve counterclockwise to lower the jack.
 Select a high-elasticity thickening spring with good elasticity.
 The claw part is formed at one time and is firmer.

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 Use methods of Hydraulic toe jack
 The support bar on the jack arm should be inserted into the groove of the fixed support point to keep fixed.
 When using the jack, it should be placed on the designated support position under the vehicle, otherwise it is easy to damage the vehicle and even cause injury accidents.
 When the rocker arm is rotated to support the car, the support bar on the support arm cannot always slip out of the support point.
 Turn the rocker arm until the feet of the jack are supported on the ground. At this time, it should be ensured that the top foot supports the ground in a large area and the ground must be hard. If the ground is found to be soft, it should be padded with a strong pad with a large area or flat hard objects in advance.
 Pay attention to safety balance when retracting jack.

Application of Hydraulic toe jack
 Widely used in the installation and maintenance of mechanical equipment, bridge construction, railway tracks, etc.; heavy loads unloading of transportation; car dragging machine, etc.

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