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Product Introduction of Hydraulic toe jack
 1.Non-wear Technology of Oil Cylinder
 The inner cylinder is provided with an imported wear-resistant ring, the piston rod is suspended on the wear-resistant rod, and the piston rod does not contact with the inner cylinder, so there is no possibility of scrapping the inner cylinder. The inner cylinder of a common jack cannot be repaired after being worn out, and only needs to be scrapped, and only the wear-resistant ring can be replaced for an unlimited number of times.
 2.The claw hook is integrally formed and does not break
 The whole claw hook is directly cut from the inside of the steel plate, which is high in cost, strong and durable, and resistant to weathering when working.
 3.Imported oil pump, thickened quenching shaft
 The 360-degree rotation is flexible and convenient to use, the quenching technology makes it firm, and the large base is as stable as Mount Tai.
 4.Thick tight spring
 The hardening technology is adopted for exercise, the toughness of the thickened spring is greatly improved, and the service life of the precision structure is long.

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Feature of Hydraulic  toe jack
 The inner cylinder is provided with a liquid bearing shaft to reduce friction, save time and  effort, and the inner cylinder is silent and silent during load.
 The outer circumference of the piston rod is provided with a quick paint spray tank, and  an overflow buffer ring is arranged outside the inner cylinder to ensure efficient and stable operation of the system.
 Large innercylinder seal ring is specially customized for long service life
 The design conforms to engineering mechanics and is scientific and reasonable.
 High-end environmentally friendly baking varnish with high abrasion resistance, high gloss and better firmness

Attention of Hydraulic toe jack
 Please put the jack in a normal upright state when filling oil, and fill the jack up until the oil overflows from the oil filling space. The main shaft of this product is specially treated and smooth, which reduces the friction force between the jack and the upper and lower oil seals, prevents the common oil leakage of the jack, and prevents accidents caused by the inclination of heavy objects in the lifting process due to oil leakage. 

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