10T Lifting Tool Hydraulic Track Toe Jack Claw Jack/Hydraulic Jack Price/Supply Claw Type Hydraul Jack

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  Product Introduction
 Thickened chassis Increases load-bearing.
 The chassis of the jack is thickened to enable the jack to bear greater gravity.
 Bold reinforcing spring
 High strength galvanized spring, anti-wear, anti-fatigue
 Rotating rocker
 The rocker can rotate in multiple directions, which is convenient for turning angles.
 Control button
 Rotating the control knob can adjust the lifting of the jack, which is convenient and quick.

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Use skills:

  1. Observe the hydraulic claw jack before use; Whether it is in good condition and whether its internal gasoline is sufficient; 

  2. Ensure that the bolts of the hydraulic valve of the  jack have been tightened, and then the pump can be operated up and down manually, so that the jack will rise and then lift the heavy object.

  3. When using jacks, care should be taken not to exert  too much force and operate slowly. 

     4,  If you need to put down the weight, need to slowly unscrew the hydraulic valve bolt, this can put down the weight slowly.

Precautions for use:
     1, The use of jack oil is to use professional mechanical oil;

     2, Use jack to ensure its smooth, can't have skew phenomenon;

     3. Jaw-type jacks cannot descend automatically without gravity.

     4. Since the weight of the top of the jack is twice that of the claw, if the height can be  used, the top is used to jack up the weight.

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