China 450kg oil drum lifter, Drum Lifter Carrier, 900mm Height portable forklift manual drum Lifter price

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 1: This product is an economical oil barrel carrier. It is suitable for occasions where handling is not frequent. It is suitable for conventional iron barrels and plastics.
 Barrel use. Structural design is exquisite and reasonable, easy to learn, easy to understand, abandon complicated manual operation, avoid making
 In the process of direct contact with the oil drum, the hands of greasy dirt.
 2: The oil drum clamp can be adjusted up and down along the frame column, which is suitable for handling oil drums of different heights.
 3: This oil drum handling truck has low maintenance cost and is easy to maintain. It only needs to be added in the movable part of the chuck.
 Butter or drip of cooking oil.

 1. With adjustable hook-on central clamp.
 2. Supporting castors leg for easy handling.
 3. Supplied knock-down, handle packaged separately.
 4. Easy self-assembly. 
 5. Used for lifting and dumping oil drums;
 6. The loading and unloading handle assists the oil barrel to tilt;
 7. When loading, unloading or transporting the oil drums, use polyester belts to fix the oil drums.

1.Using the lever principle;
 2.Single operator can easily operate;
 3.Widely used for transporting all kinds of rimmed drums

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450KG: 90 USD/unit