Manual oil drum truck drum jack manual oil drum carrier

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 Product descriptions
 This drum carrier can carry and lift barrels. It has the characteristics of locking oil drums, smooth lifting, compact structure, easy operation and so on.
 ♦ The carrying and lifting of the oil bucket;
 ♦ The structure of the forklift truck body is strong and compact;
 ♦ The oil cylinder adopts the leak proof design and the imported seals.

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 1. Single barrel chuck, self-locking is safe and reliable: fixture adopts Parrot Beak chuck designed by mechanical linkage locking mechanism to grab and carry barreled load. The design of the fixture not only effectively protects the truck along the barrel intact, but also greatly improves the safety and reliability of drum handling.
 2. Long life and quick returns: fixture series is designed and manufactured, Parrot-Beak grabbing hook is made of alloy steel, and key parts are heat treated, and the return spring selection is all through fatigue life test. After using the fixture, the operation efficiency of the hand forklift can be greatly improved and the handling cost is reduced.
 3. The manual forklift is easy to operate and improve efficiency: from the point of view of ergonomics, the fixture is a simple and convenient bucket machine. As soon as the operator sees it, no training is needed to easily grab the barreled materials.
 4. A wide range of uses, no bucket does not move: whether it is any material of iron barrels, barrels, or fiber drums; closed open barrels, barrels, or to strengthen the wall thickness of the bucket; any bottled materials, liquid materials such as water and lubricating tank car, solid materials such as chemical raw materials and plastic particles can be transported. The forklift is widely used and popular.

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