50 Gallon Fuel Drum Carrier Truck Promotion Price Oil Drum Handling Carrier Capacity 200Kg

Keyword:oil drum carriers   Time:2019-10-17 23:56:38

Hydraulic hand oil drum pallet truck
 1. Easy to use operate.
 2. High balanced intensifying frame
 3. Oil drum truck
 4. An economical lift to handle tasks from transporting dies and moulds skids and pallets.
 5. The double coating on the surface is stable and durable.
 6. Precision engineered for smooth performance and exceptional durability.
 7. It's convenient for load, unload and pallet on barrel forms.

 1. Bite Oil Bucket Car, single simple operation, eagle mouth structure, bite strength, 10" rubber wheel and balance wheel to reduce operator fatigue.
 2. Can be used to carry steel and plastic oil barrel rubber barrels and so on.
 3. This oil bucket car is suitable for handling on flat ground and ramp.