350kg 1460mm nylon wheel oil drum carrier / stacker with factory price

Keyword:oil drum carriers   Time:2019-10-17 23:59:35

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 Product Introduction
 The oil bucket truck can lift, transport, rotate, tilt and drain the full oil bucket. Double-protection fingerstall lock ensures the balance of the lifted oil drum. Lock the oil drum vertically to prevent overflow or horizontally to prevent oil from draining from the air nozzle.

  1. Single barrel chuck, self-locking is safe and  reliable: the clamp adopts parrot beak chuck designed according to the principle of mechanical linkage locking mechanism to grab and transport barrel load. This design not only effectively protects the oil drum rim from damage, but also greatly improves the safety and reliability of drum handling.

  2. Long service life and quick return: The fixture series is designed and manufactured, parrot-beak grip is made of alloy steel, the key parts are heat treated, and the return spring is selected through fatigue life test. According to the usage statistics in the U.S. market, the average service life of jigs is over 12 years. After the fixture is adopted, the operation efficiency can be greatly improved and the transportation cost can be reduced.

  3. One barrel for two purposes: the two functions of transporting and dumping oil are integrated.

  4. Easy to operate and improve efficiency: From the perspective of ergonomics, the fixture is a simple bucket moving machine. Operators can grasp and transport barreled materials easily without training at a glance.

  5. Widespread application and popularity: According to incomplete statistics, more than 10,000 oil tanker products have been used around the world since 1997, winning the trust of the majority of users.

  6. It has a wide range of uses and can't be moved without  barrels: whether it is barrels made of any material, metal barrels or fiberboard barrels; Closed barrel, open barrel or reinforced thick barrel; No matter any barreled materials, liquid materials such as water and lubricating oil barreled vehicles, solid materials such as chemical materials and plastic particles can be transported.

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